Paul Gauguin "Landscape with Peacocks" 1892

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  1. Hello, I have a song called Peacock Moon and was going to do a video with some peacock images and I think your choice of images are really nice and may use some of the public domain ones if you don't mind and I will link back to your blog on youtube. Here is the song: http://kilsoquah.livejournal.com/26949.html

    the poem i wrote and my friend set it to music. i do music too but this time a friend did the music, he is Astra on reverbnation. the song link is there at the bottom. Thanks so much. Beautiful blog! Peace, Nancy

  2. Hi Kilsoquah!
    What a wonderful song!!!
    Of course, you can use all the pictures you want.
    And please, give me the link when the video will be done: I will post it in this blog :)