Walter Crane - Juno and her Birds 1887

Walter Crane (1845-1915) est un artiste majeur anglais. Il fut également théoricien, écrivain, et socialiste convaincu. C'est l'un des principaux acteurs du mouvement artistique des Arts & Crafts. D'abord connu comme illustrateur, puis fervent promoteur des arts décoratifs, il a exercé son art dans de nombreux domaines: l'illustration, la peinture, la céramique, le papier peint, la tapisserie, etc.

Walter Crane (1845-1915) was an English artist and book illustrator. He is considered to be the most influential, and among the most prolific, children’s book creator of his generation and, along with Randolph Caldecott and Kate Greenaway, one of the strongest contributors to the child's nursery motif that the genre of English children's illustrated literature would exhibit in its developmental stages in the latter 19th century.


  1. He was one of a kind...I loooove itQ

  2. beautiful :)
    I love the style from this time, even the writing is gorgeous! Great quote too, very true!x

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    This picture is one of my favorites!!!!
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